open call for avatars exhibit

Photos from AVATARS in San Francisco, artists from left to right: Sequinette, Minjun Kim, Marco Castaneda, Oscar Lopez, Eliza Phelan-Harder

Photos from AVATARS in San Francisco, artists from left to right: Sequinette, Minjun Kim, Marco Castaneda, Oscar Lopez, Eliza Phelan-Harder


Artists working with narratives and personas -

Creative engineers building digital avatars and cyborgs -

we want you!

WHAT IS IT? This is an open call for artists and creatives to submit artwork to be included in an art exhibit called AVATARS that explores the various meanings and expressions of the term “avatars.”

DEADLINE: January 27, 2019

EXHIBITION DATES: March 22 - April 6, 2019

LOCATION: Nave Gallery, Teele Square, Somerville, MA

CURATED BY: Christina Balch, Giuliana Funkhouser, and Krista Wright

“Avatar” is originally a Sanskrit word describing mortal incarnations of Hindu deities. In colloquial use, the term refers to a digital image or 3D character representing an individual operating a computer. Drawing inspiration from this concept, the AVATARS exhibit is a transdisciplinary exploration of folkloric characters, alter-egos and cyborgs created to express relatable narratives. Just as poets, game designers and dream interpreters examine humanity through archetypes, artists employ personas. Figures are masked or transformed through symbol while ancient myths and fable-like stories are reinterpreted within these new tales spun.

This exhibit debuted at the San Francisco Art Institute in fall of 2018. For the Somerville exhibit, a selection of works from the San Francisco show will travel to Somerville to continue the thread of the exhibit from its inception.

All media variations will be considered and are encouraged to apply, including but not limited to: 2D and 3D objects, video, performance art, movement/dance, sound, interactive art, robots and installation. Artists, engineers and creatives of all types are encouraged to apply. Questions regarding work and process can be submitted to, and the curators will respond as quickly as possible.

Artists should have own equipment for installation, but curators will help with sourcing equipment as best they can.


  • Exhibition is open to all media though some work may not be included because it cannot be accommodated due to restrictions at the gallery. If you’re not sure, please email the curators before submitting.
  • Preference given to more recent work, but there is no restriction for date work was created
  • Work in progress is okay. Please submit your ideas and sketches for new work or work that is in progress. The more information you can provide the better. Work must be completed by March 15, 2019.
  • Applicants can submit up to 3 works
  • If selected, artwork must be delivered in person and ready to install by early March 2019
  • The Nave Gallery will retain a 30% commission for work sold
  • There is a $15 entry fee per artist payable via Paypal to the Nave Gallery
  • The Nave Gallery takes a 30% commission on work sold
  • The Nave Gallery and curators do not insure artwork Correction: The Nave Gallery does have some insurance for artwork once it is in the gallery's possession. Apologies for confusion.

Link to submission form here:

Email the curators at if you have questions.


We are so excited to see your work and curate this dynamic exhibit in Somerville, Mass!

- Christina, GFunk, and Krista